Hoping For Extra Money

I know I have been buying clothes lately, it is not because I’ve a lot of money to spend on shopping but its because I really need to buy new clothes as most of my clothes were ruined when the strongest typhoon hit our town. For few months I’ve been scouting discounted clothes online and offline.

Truly, if you will visit from one store to another store there is no doubt that you can find on sale items. If you don’t have enough time to roam around or you may visit Zalora, with their trendy yet affordable clothes I am certain that its worth the visit.

Stunning, right?

Stunning, right?

On the other note, if money is not an issue then you may want to own any of the lovely maxi dresseses that I found in an online store.
A new haul of any of the maxi dresses in the picture is worth the money. It is sassy and chic. Well, I could only wish I have extra money to shop for new clothes, sandal and bag.

I am just an ordinary girl that feels good when I have a chance to shop, whether for myself or for my son and even for my family.

I’ll Continue To Blog

Its a rainy Sunday down here in my other part of the world. A perfect time to cuddle with my pillow and blanket. I wanted to sleep longer but I remember that I must post an update here and in my other blogs. I am back of being a slacker blogger. I admit, blogging these days is not easy as I am only using my phone. I am not really comfortable with it, my eyes hurt every time I blog. Pethaps it is because of the small font and screen. But then I don’t have any choice for now so I must settle with what I have. And I don’t think I can afford to buy a lappy or desktop soon.

Blogging may not easy as of now, but, one thing is for sure I will continue to blog no matter what. This is how I earn my living hence I dont have a regular work.

I only hope that direct advertiser comes in my way like it used to be.

Graduation Gift

In more than a month it is the time of the year that the students has been waiting for. After ten months of going to school, studying thier lessons and making thier project they can finally take a break for a month.

To those who will graduate in college this year they certainly deserve a long break before hunting for a job. They also deserve to recieve a gift from thier loved ones for the job well done. You can find huge selection of gift ideas online or better yet click here if you are considering to give a watch as your gift.

Heavy Eyes

Yay! Its few minutes pass 7pm yet I am getting sleepy. The only reason I know why I feel sleepy is because I have been working on my undone task since this morning. I really want to finish all my link assignments today. I am grateful that I am almost done with my tasks. And oh! As I am typing this post my little big boy approach me to look for his crayon as he dont want to used the crayon he is currently using.

On the other side, I am very much thankful to the provider for being good to me. I’ve been praying for more online blessing as I really need to save some for rebuilding our kitchen.

Wedding Bells For Celebrity Couples

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word wedding? Is it the wedding gown? Or the wedding bands? How about the groom’s suit? Of course the above mentioned are essentials in a wedding ceremony. In fact, even the flowers use to decorate the church and the reception also plays a big rule to achieve that dream wedding of yours. That being said, we know that preparing a wedding can be a daunting task yet it can also be exciting for the couple.

Talking about wedding, one thing I notice in the past couple of weeks. The year 2014 is the wedding year for few celebrity couples. The long time celebrity couple may find this year thier lucky year since they decided to bring thier nine years relationship to the next level- to a married life. The bride wore an elegant wedding gown. However I wish I can also see the gown of the flower girls.

I know the bride is the center of attraction on a wedding but isn’t it cute seeing those little girls marching on the aisle while throwing petals on the brides way. Flower Girl Dresses can be stunning just like the wedding gown, agree. Oh well, there is another celebrity couple that will exchange I do’s soon. I am certain that I can also see the brides gown and this time I will get to see the gowns of the flower girls.

I wonder who among of the newly weds will start searching maternity dress. Maternity Dresses that are stylist are surely on thier list since their work require them to look good and pretty. Searching for stylish yet comfortable maternity dressea and gowns of different kind and style is made easy with the help of technology. Meaning you can shop online.
Wedding Veils can also be brought online. So I will not be surprise if some couple opt to shop online. Its hassle free and you have wide design to choice from.

Why I Can’t Login

Before we were hit by the devastating and traumaric super typhoon Yolanda I am hooked writing articles in an online hub who pays liking and commenting post. I am doing good in terms of my earning as I can reached the minimun payout in less than a week. Earning a hundred or more in a month is more than enough for me.

However for some reason I could not login to my account. I even tried searching the pseudonym I am using but I could not even search my post. Maybe my account was deketed by the admin, this is the only reason I know why I cant search my profile. But then, I received all the cashout I’ve made so I am having a doubt if my account have been deleted.

Now that I fell the urge of earning more online I am considering on making a new account, just like the other members whose account have been deleted.

Acoustic At Its Best

What an exhausted day I had yesterday, I almost missed the ride on my way home. As you all know our means of transportation is not back to normal yet after thyphoon Yolanda hit our province.

Anyway while I am on my way back to the city I was listening to my favorite songs in my mobile phone. I always feel rejuvinated every time I play my favorite songs. In fact I always fall asleep when I do that, what more if I am in a place that has new acoustic treatment no doubt I will feel more relax. Imagine staying in a place where the sounds is perfect I am sure like me you will like to have your own acoustic treatment in your entertainment room.

It’s A Holiday

… down here in my other part of the world.

Although it’s a holiday for my son and nephew I wake up as early as 5.30 in the morning. I was about to go back to sleep after tealizing that I dont need to prepare breakfast early hence the boys is not going to school. So here I am blogging early morning which is good on my part because I can start working on the tasks I get from my all time pay to blog website.

On the other note, the sun rays that come inside our rooom is a sign that Mr Sunshine will show up all day. And it is this time when a lot of people loves to lurk in the mall for a cooler temperature. And hence the only mall in the city and few department were ruined by the super typhoon and runsacked by people the mall and department stores are on recovery mode. Only the grocery store and a small part if the mall is open.

Lucky They Are

I am not shy to admit that I dont have any talent when it comes to singing or playing any musical instruments. In fact if you a regular visitor of my blogs you know that I plead guilty on this lpng time ago as I have mentioned it in my previous post here and in my other blogs. So lucky those who are given a gift in singing and playing mudical instrument. I will be turning 35 in less than a month yet it didn’t cross my mind that I’ll be searching cool amt pedals or any other music instrument parts in the future. Perhaps this is a good sign that I will stop hoping that one day I will learn to sing or play a musical instument.

Moving Forward Little By Little

It was November 8, 2013 when super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit our Province. We don’t have any idea about the storm surge, so we stayed at home because we believe that our house can stand the wind. With this, there are thousands of people lost their lives and some are still missing, my older brother and my niece are among who lost thier lives while his wife and two children are still missing. This could not happened if we were know about the storm surge. Anyway, today mark the third months anniversary after Yolanda, yet the bad exprience that we encountered in saving our lives is still fresh, especially my son who seemed to be observant on the weather.

Hence I’have been sharing the negative effect that typhoon Yolanda brought us, today I want to focus on the positive side.

Moving Forward

As most you are aware of, I and my family were badly affected by the typhoon, the super typhoon leaved us roofless and ruined our belongings. There is no need for me to put my rants and experience into words hence I choose to focus on the good side of it.

Help are Pouring

I am very much grateful that help from foreign non government organizations are pouring, I could not imagine how our life will be without those help. Ruined schools in our town are being rebuild by Koreans. They are aldo giving away school supplies to the students in town. In our barangay building and repairing comfort rooms are on going.


After three months some homeowners startef to rebuild there homes and started shopping of appliances and kitchenwares. As for my family, our priority is to rebuild our home little by little. I know we need ample of time to finally get back to our life before the typhoon. But surely in God’s time we will accomplish our goal.