No Birthday Celebration!

Almost a week ago, I turned a year older. No celebration or fancy food that was serve on the table. We just had our normal meal on my special day.

Well, few week before my birthday I actually planned having a small celebration with my family and friends. But before my birthday comes I need to bring my father to the doctor. I am pretty sure, you guys know that visiting a doctor can be expensive. After I brought my father for check up it was my turn to visit my doctor. It was unplanned. I just feel the pain in my chest while watching TV and on the following day I visited my doctor. I undergo ECG, Blood examination and throid. Thanks God, all is well except for having high uric acid. I am given prescription to lower the uric acid, hopefully it will get back to normal. My doctor also advice me to watch out my food intake medyo mataas sa normal ang cholesterol level ko which is not surprising kasi I love to eat chicken skin. Well, pati seguro yung uric acid kasi favorite gulay ko ay yung mataas sa uric acid. Haist! I will surely miss buying vegetables I like.

So now you know where did the money go for my birthday celebration.

Of course I wont forget thanking the Lord Jesus.

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