Keeping The Ties With College Friends

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Catching up time!

I only have few whom I can really call my friends. Friends who is with you when times get rough. One thing I miss being with my college friends is the bond we have during college days. The times wherein we agreed to stay in a friends house near the beach. Or stay in a friends house for an over night stay. Or unplanned visit to a friends house for lunch. These the few things I really missed when were still in college.

Now that some of my friends have their own families and living away from thier home and busy with thier respective job seeing each other is difficult. There are times that we will plan a get together but will end up postponing the plan for some reason.

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The only moment that we can update each other lives is when we our plan of get together is successful, or when there is fiesta, birthdays and other special occasion. Though we were not able to have a complete get together I am still happy that we still keep our ties through social media. Hopefully, one day we will be complete once again.

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