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Praying For A Peaceful December

I admit the month of November is one hell of a roller coaster ride. Dealing with the health problem of my father and granny. As you know health problem can easily eat small saving you have in your pocket. I was thinking that I will not have to deal with so much stressed because of granny but I was wrong. I do not want to go into details because I do not want the world to know what kind of family I have. I am glad and thankful that we manage to surpass all the problems about granny little by little. Well, I still have to pay some debt but its not too much.

Knowing that granny is with Papa God now I am sure she is very much happy. She will be spending enternal life with Lola and the rest of the family and friend who is in heaven now.

Now that the year is almost over I am praying for a better and peaceful weeks ahead. And more so praying for a better 2017.

Good Morning Tuesday

Apoligize for my post title guys, I could not think of an appropriate title for my post since I will be talking random topics.

First, my son asked me to wake him up at around five in the morning because he need to be in school before seven o’clock. The reason, today is thier Math and Science exhibit. They will finally sharing thier fruit of labor for the past couple of days to thier fellow pupils and students coming from different schools. Although he asked me to wake him up he is already awake before five. I guess its the excitement that wake him up that early :-D. As a mother I am really proud of my little big tot as he learn being responsible at an early age. To show my support to the little big tot I will going to his school to watch him do his experiment. Each pupils in the higher grades are given different kind of expirement to show to thier visitors. Good luck kids!

On the other hand, I am on twitter once again. After playing the guessing game for like a decade because I forgot my password I finally guessed my password right yesterday. I know, I could have recover my password but the email add I used when I sign up is already inactive because I also forgot my password. I guess I had a little amnesthia after what we had experienced during super typhoon Yolanda.

Now, that I am getting back to the old me I am hoping that I will get back the mojo to blog.

Finally, Updating This Blog

I honestly I don’t have much to say in here, it just that I really need to update this blog of mine. The month of October is almost over and I could not believe I only posted one article for this month and to top it all is a paid post. I wonder if I would have updated this blog prior to this blog post if I didn’t get a task assigned for this blog.

On the brighter side, I am exchanging an email to a possible direct advertiser. It’s a Sunday so maybe I will not get a response from him today. I am hoping to close the deal as the payout is quite big compared to the usual payout I usually get. Christmas is fast approaching, this year I want to buy something nice for myself as a Christmas present so I should start saving as early as now to be sure that I will save enough before the big day.

Workaholic Spammer

Sigh!! It’s a weekend and yet I am bombarded with spam comments. Just yesterday I have moderated all the comments I have in my two blogs so I wasn’t expecting to receive another batch of spam comments today. But I was wrong as I get almost half of what I’ve moderated yesterday. I am certain that I also have few hundreds to moderate in another blog.

On the other side, I am not in my best today. Well, I haven’t been for the past couple of weeks and I couldn’t find a good solution as to how I will solve this problem. Hopefully, I can real soon so I can experience the luxury worry-free life.

It’s A Long Weekend

It’s Friday and a holiday in celebration of Eid Mubarak to give respect to our Muslim brothers and sisters. However J my son is at school now to attend their practice for tonight’s event. I will be with him in an hour or so I just need to finish few things online and I am off to go.

On the other side, Mr Sunshine is shining brightly and hopefully it will shine all day as my Aunt is doing our laundry today. I also hope the good weather will continue tonight for it will be annoying to be at the town plaza when rain is pouring. I already bought two tickets for my Mom and nephew. I don’t believe I will need the ticket since I will be with J all the time to assist him; he is my ticket to go inside the venue.

I want to take this opportunity to thank a fellow blogger from hire me to do a paid post. I smiled from ear to ear when I checked my inbox a while ago. I am already done with post and it was submitted to the advertiser. But of course I am thankful to the Provider for all the blessings that he bestowed upon me.
Enjoy the long weekend folks!

Monday It Is

It’s a Monday! So how did your weekend go? I hope you guys had a blast. As for me, after I am done with my online thing you will see me snuggling with my pillow and blanket. I am sleeping most of the time for I feel give sleepy. Aside from sleeping and doing my online thing I also assist my son J so review his previous lesson for they will have their first periodical examination tomorrow and Wednesday.

Now that L and J are off to school and I am here sitting in front of the netbook. I still need to finish my weekly visit but when I am about to open the spreadsheet I could not open it. It’s been loading for like five minutes now. I don’t know if there is something wrong with google docs.

Oh! The nephew is here, saying breakfast is ready. So I go for a while to take my breakfast.

Good Morning Friday!!

I am luck of sleep for the past couple of days. The reason- is I am stress lately. And when I do this, I usually play on facebook and read paperback. Often times I am just being lazy and doing unproductive, though I am grateful that no matter how lazy I am I can still do my weekly and daily blog visit. This is something I don’t want to miss.

Anyway, been a wake for almost half an hour now, as I type this blog post the time is six minutes passed five o’clock in the morning. You may wonder why I am already up at this time. I woke up to use to toilet but for reasons I could not go back to sleep so I’ve just decided to open my notebook and make this day productive. I have few tasks to work on from my all-time favorite pay to blog site.

Wake Up Early

My notebook clock says 4:44 AM. I know it’s way too early to start my day, my phone alarm is set at 5.30 but because I wake up to used the toilet and I could not go back to sleep I decided to blog. I didn’t have much time yesterday I go downtown to run errands. Anyways, this blog has been in a hiatus mode for almost three weeks- the reason; I just don’t have anything to share in here.

Another thing, allergy and asthma have been my constant visitors lately. So the boyfriend will usually ask me to take some rest. I know, he doesn’t like the idea of me blogging too much as it is not good for my health but because I am hard headed most of the time, I usually don’t sleep after our usual talk at night.

On the lighter note, I do have few tasks to work on from my all time favorite pay to blog site. I will be working on them later today as I have much time to do it. Hopefully, laziness won’t visit me today.

Busy Day

Dang! I will have a busy day ahead of me. As much as i want to talk about it right now the lady who will do my nails is finally here..

So I will just edit this blog post later 🙂


I finally had a chance to edit this blog post. After pampering my nails I headed to the mall to pick up the money that my boyfriend wired. It’s an extra budget as he wants me to buy something for myself. I didn’t expect to have an extra for shopping as he has been spending too much for the past couple of weeks because of the opening of another school year. It is the a secret that it is my boyfriend who is sending J and L to school. He also bought something for my nieces.

I know I sometimes not deserve such pampering but knowing my boyfriend he will find a way to put a smile on my lips although it means making a hole on his pocket :-). I will be posting photos of what I bought in my other blog.

Officialy Enrolled

We are almost half way finish for the month of May, before we noticed it we will be welcoming another month. Another school year is yet to start. My nephew is officially enrolled in a private school in town. I enrolled him last Thursday; I am glad that a friend told me about the school offer for me to avail of the discount. The offer is good for 100 something students and it is a first come first serve basis. I am thankful that they haven’t met their quota yet when I inquire the cashier.

Now, that the nephew is already enrolled I need to focus on making my budget. My nephew will surely make a hole of my boyfriend’s pocket as he needs a lot of things. I do hope I can help the boyfriend in my own little ways.

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