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Another school year will soon start but I am still undecided whether to enrol my nephew or not. Although I haven’t seen his card yet I have this feeling that he did not do good in school last school year. No matter how I advice him to study his lesson he will not obey. I haven’t see him studying his lesson at home. I really don’t know what to do with him anymore.

If I will send him back to his Mom, my younger sister I am sure they she will not send him to school which is kinda bad for me. I know it will not do good for my nephew. Anyway I still have few weeks to think this over. I am hoping that I will come up with a good decision. I also hope that my nephew will soon come to his senses that education is important.


I am indeed disappointed of my missing withdrawal in a writing hub I joined few months ago. I did not encounter any problem with my previous withdrawal as they arrived on my paypal account on time. But after the relaunch of the website a lot of membera have been complaining about the missing withdrawals and slow earning. I am not active on writing in this site but I still have almost 200 dollars pending earning. I could only hope I will have it on my paypal account the soonest possible time.

Anyway, its seemed that I lost the blogging mojo I had before. It is pretty obvious because I seldom update all my blogs. I am only motivated to blog when I have link assignment to do. Hopefully, I will be more active in the coming year.

Curious To Know!

The little one is growing so fast. He has questions that I feel not appropriate for his age, yet. But knowing how advance the kids are these days I just told myself that my son is just curious about many things. So whenever the little one is throwing question that is not suitable for his age, I just give him a safe answer like he should wait for the right time for it is complicated for his age to understand the answer to his question.

To be a mother is not really easy especially if you have a kid who wants to know about anything and everything

On the other hand, I slept last night having allergy and I wake up this morning having it still. I think I should follow the advice of my boyfriend to take anti-allergy so I can get rid of it as soon as I take the medicine. It is really a bummer to have allergy when you’ve a lot of things to do. Just like now, I feel like going to bed as I am still drowsy, not because I am sleepy but because of allergy effect.

Learn Our Lesson In A Hard Way

“In times of election you will find out who are fakes and users, who are your real friends and who only wants to be with you for egotistic motives. Unfortunately my cousin is a victim of this kind of people….to h*** with them….”

Above is my shoutout in my FB account.

The barangay and Sk election is over. I am glad that my mother made it to magic 7 however my cousin who run for barangay chairman didn’t make it. He lost 23 votes and the brother of my mother who run for councilor didn’t make it too. Lot of surprises happened on the day of election day. The worse thing that my family found out is that there are people who wants to distroy us. Someone who is envious of my family. Luciky, this person didn’t succeed.

It is this day when my family found out that we were betrayed by people whom we trust. With this my family learn the lesson in a hard way. But then life has to go on but for sure we will not be the same.


Just a very short update here, I notice that I did not update this blog for few days now. Well, I don’t have much to say in here and I do not want to vent my frustrations in here.

Anyway,you can check out my post regarding the swine flu virus in my other blog. You may leave some comment as well.

Im juts here alive and kicking

Yay, I can’t believe I did not update this blog for few days now. I am always online but I am doing serious dropping on my entrecard my blog real rank has been hurt when I got sick and I want to work on it more especially that 3P is not giving me task to grab. And my beloved pc is acting crazy once again for few days now. In fact I am not using my UPS this time and last night I lost electric power twice. Argh… I hope that sudden brownout will not hurt my hard drive like what happen to my old hard drive. This is barely 3 months but its acting up every now and then. I really need to call the technician who bought my harddrive and UPS for further checking.

Huh, too many reason why I cant update this blog really.

Sunday blah

Wow, ec dropping is part of my daily routine for almost two weeks. But yesterday I was not able to do my dropping it is because I fall asleep and I watched the PDA and since my pc is in my room now multitasking is definitely a big no. And today my plan is to dropped ec early in the morning but then again I am lazy and I want to take a long nap.

When I was about to take my nap my mother asked me to clean her toenails and as a good daughter I follow her without any words. While typing this post I am waiting for some page to loud and viola my mother’s brother came to me and ask if he can use my pc. He will chat to his wife who is working in Dubai. Huh, i need to stop my dropping and continue later today. While my tito is using the pc i will take my bath. yay, its almost 6.30 pm but I haven’t take my bath.

I still need to add some link exchange here. I promise to do it when later today. So chao for now.

Be right back

MySpace Happy Weekend Comments

Upss.. i am engross in my blog hopping from one blog to another. It’s been a week since I open this blog for x-links and yet I haven’t had the effort to ask for x-links. Blame it to entrecard. lol I am occupied dropping to one ec to another but im glad cos i my other blog has a good real rank at ppp.

Anyway, I need to go and take my bath as I need to do something. I’ll be back later today or maybe after 2-3 hours.

Unlucky day

It’s Friday and today is one of my unlucky day. I had a bad chat with my lalabs earlier but in fact it started last night and we are both stubborn and crazy. Sometimes we simply hurt each other and we regret it after. But thanks we are fine now, we settle our problem before he goes to bed and i am happy with that.

I missed some opps from triple p and i blame my self. Why not? I am doing multitasking, chatting to my blog, ec dropping and refreshing my ppp dashboard. I was busy yesterday that i ws not able to dropped ec and last night i am not in the mood and tired. So i tried to catch up the dropping this morning. But still I was not manage to complete the 300 drops for my 2 blogs. Anyway i will make it up today.


is what i feel to my nephew’s student teacher now. Just finish teaching my nephew’s Math assignment and i was surprised when I see his assignment notebook because of the following reason.

1. The student teachers gives a complicated problem. Like putting a blank in either the multiplicand or the multiplicator.
2. How can my nephew get the answer when he dont know the division. Well i know he can get the answer in addition but still not right.

Ang akin lang since they are just starting to know the multiplication they should not be given such a complicated problem. Grrr… hindi kaya alam ng student teacher na ito na she is handling a Grade 2 pupils. Haller… okay lang sana kung addition kasi madali lang but mutiplication ito at medyo complicated. hay sana mabasa ito ng student teacher na yun at marealize nya ang ginagawa nya. hahaahha..

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