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Another school year will soon start but I am still undecided whether to enrol my nephew or not. Although I haven’t seen his card yet I have this feeling that he did not do good in school last school year. No matter how I advice him to study his lesson he will not obey. I haven’t see him studying his lesson at home. I really don’t know what to do with him anymore.

If I will send him back to his Mom, my younger sister I am sure they she will not send him to school which is kinda bad for me. I know it will not do good for my nephew. Anyway I still have few weeks to think this over. I am hoping that I will come up with a good decision. I also hope that my nephew will soon come to his senses that education is important.

Graduation Gift

In more than a month it is the time of the year that the students has been waiting for. After ten months of going to school, studying thier lessons and making thier project they can finally take a break for a month.

To those who will graduate in college this year they certainly deserve a long break before hunting for a job. They also deserve to recieve a gift from thier loved ones for the job well done. You can find huge selection of gift ideas online or better yet click here if you are considering to give a watch as your gift.

A Call and A Challenge To Conserve Water

When I was in my elementary years, our place was hit by a strong typhoon. We don’t have electricity for almost a week and no drop of water coming out on our faucet and in our neighbor’s faucets. There are no deep well in our place so we have to go to the next barangay to fetched water in the deep well.

Imagine, if you’re so thirsty but when you tried to get water from the faucet, you just squeezed a drop. Can you cook without water? Can you keep a good personal hygiene without water? In short, can you live without water? If you answered NO, then you must act now.

Recent studies showed that the Philippines is facing a water crisis over the next 10 years unless new sources are developed to meet growing demand.

“There is a [Japan International Cooperation Agency] study that says that in 2025 if we will not conserve water, there may be some problems. But of course we can always start conserving now and look for other sources,” said Edgar C. Lopez, Philippine Waterworks Association president.

“Groundwater in the Philippines may be depleted by the year 2050,” a University of the Philippines professor said in a report based on a study that started in 2006.

“The Philippines is one of the countries in Asia Pacific that is facing an imminent water crisis unless steps are immediately undertaken to improve water management,” according to a study by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The country is facing this unfortunate reality and we are not supposed to ignore it.

conserve water now

In line with this, a group of communication professionals and graduate students from the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) is pushing a social marketing campaign to encourage the Filipino families in water conservation. They aim to create massive awareness on how important the discipline in water consumption is and what would be the worst scenarios if the Filipinos failed to act now.

The group is also hosting a Conserve Water Challenge 2013, encouraging the participants to share their creativity in presenting water conservation tips and how they implement it in their daily lives to lowered their monthly water bill. A participant can make use of video, photo collage or blogs. The best entry and the one who will proved to have lowered their water bill by applying the water conservation tips they have presented will win P5,000 cash! There are also 10 consolation prizes of P500 worth of water bill. The submission of entries is until September 15, 2013.

For more information about the Conserve Water Challenge 2013, follow them on Facebook: and on Twitter:

Water is Life. Conserve Water NOW before it’s too late.

Right Books For The Young Kids

Reading with your child has been shown to have extremely positive results, improving reading skills from a very young age. Choosing your favorites from when you were a child or update your kid’s library by looking into one of these brand new outstanding children’s books from 2013. 1. Charley’s First Night (Amy Hest, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury) This cute story focuses on a young boy taking care of a puppy on the animal’s first night in a new home. The watercolors are gorgeous, and young kids will love the adorable puppy. 2. Creepy Carrots! (Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by Peter Brown) This 2013 Caldecott Honor Book is all about Jasper Rabbit, who suddenly notices that carrots are everywhere and begins to worry they’re coming for him! 3. Demolition (Sally Sutton, illustrated by Brian Lovelock) This book is about what happens at a construction site. It’s full of great onomatopoeia and other sounds that you and your child can make together. 4. Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs (written and illustrated by Mo Willems) Acclaimed children’s author Mo Willems retells the story of Goldilocks with a great sense of humor. It will be especially fun for children who know the original story.

Of course, even with all the great children’s books out there, one of the most special gifts you can give your little one is a personalized book. What could be more exciting for a kid than to see their name in the story? has an amazing selection of personalized childrens books with different themes, so you can choose the perfect one for your child.

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