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Another school year will soon start but I am still undecided whether to enrol my nephew or not. Although I haven’t seen his card yet I have this feeling that he did not do good in school last school year. No matter how I advice him to study his lesson he will not obey. I haven’t see him studying his lesson at home. I really don’t know what to do with him anymore.

If I will send him back to his Mom, my younger sister I am sure they she will not send him to school which is kinda bad for me. I know it will not do good for my nephew. Anyway I still have few weeks to think this over. I am hoping that I will come up with a good decision. I also hope that my nephew will soon come to his senses that education is important.

Last Day Of Summer Vacation

It’s a Sunday and it is officially the last day of summer vacation of my little big boy because he will be attending his clases starting tomorrow. I do not feel that he is excited to meet his classmate or perhaps I just don’t notice it. We already bought his school supplies last week. I know its kinda late but I have unexpected expenses that need to prioritized. I forgot to asked if the books are already available when I enrolled him. Well, I am going to accompany the little big boy tomorrow so I will know if the books are already available.

Apart from buying his school things he also had his hair cutted while we were at the mall. So I guess he is well prepared for the first day of school.

And, by the way, the little big boy will be in fifth grade this school year.i

Turning Nine

In few days my little big boy will turn nine years old. Last year I didn’t prepare any fancy on his 8th birthday that is why he is asking for a celebration this time. I don’t have any plan yet as to how we are going to celebrate his birthday this time around but one thing is for sure I am going to prepare a little for the family. I am sure that my son will understand that I can’t give what he wants as we are facing financial difficulties.

If money is not an issue there is no doubt that I will give him a kiddie party. It’s his first birthday celebration after the typhoon hit our town. I consider our life as a second life for we were given another chance to live.

Oh well, I know my son and whatever I prepare on his birthday I know that he will be happy.

Thanks Dear God

God is really good. Since yesterday my son J is started to walk properly, not perfect though but he not needs any assistance anymore. It’s been three weeks when he got injured because of typhoon Yolanda. I thought it will take him sometimes before he can walk in his own as the wound he got is big. But I was wrong as my brave little boy is doing a great. His recovery is really fast. I always look forward each morning to see the development.

Truly, if you believe in the Man above everything is possible. I may encounter the horrible experience when the storm surge cause by typhoon Yolanda hit our place that took the life of my older brother and his family. The storm surge also took the life of three more of my relatives and few are still missing as of this typing. I know, in my heart that in time we will forget the horrible experience but not our loved ones. They will always in our thoughts and heart.

Worried Of My Relative

Since I left my home town almost more than a week ago I didn’t hear any update with my other relatives who are staying in our town. I am really worried of my relatives back home as they also homeless like us. Gladly I was able to talked to my younger sister yesterday and I know they are doing fine, I mean they are not hit by any illness. My granny and Uncle are also nursing a wound like my son J. I am praying for their fast recovery.

Anyway, I will find a way to help my family back home. They need a temporary roof as the ceiling of my Aunt’s house give in. My other relatives are temporary staying in this house since they are homeless.

Excited For Him

The nightly cultural shows at the town plaza continue in celebration of the patron saint Our Lady of Assumption. And, tomorrow my son J will be part of the program. In this connection I need to go downtown to buy him a new belt. His old belt doesn’t fit him anymore. Good thing, the long sleeve that I bought last year still fit him so I don’t need to get a new one. If I am right, he will be giving flowers to the candidates along with other chosen pupils in his school. But before this they will give a funny intermission number. I am praying for a fine weather tomorrow.

Well, it almost ten o’clock in the morning. I shall go and prepare going to the city. Need to be home early as I am going to pick up J, just in case he will be late because of their practice for tomorrow’s event.

Right Books For The Young Kids

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Of course, even with all the great children’s books out there, one of the most special gifts you can give your little one is a personalized book. What could be more exciting for a kid than to see their name in the story? has an amazing selection of personalized childrens books with different themes, so you can choose the perfect one for your child.

Was With My Cousin/Godchild

Before heading to downtown last Wednesday with my cousin/godchild as I accompany him to buy his shoes, I remember creating a blog post for my other blog. However before I could finally publish the post the lady whom I have been waiting that will do my nails arrived so I thought of just saving what I am doing and finish it later. It was on a minute ago when I found out that I actually forgot to save it. What bummer!

Going back to our city escapade with my cousin after buying his shoes we headed to one of the thrift store in town as he needs to buy white shirts for him and his younger brother. Unfortunately no more available size for his younger brother, I am not surprised when the sales lady told us about it as there are lots of shoppers shopping for their children. After buying my mother’s medicine we headed to the mall to watch the movie.

And the experience deserved another blog post.

Officialy Enrolled

We are almost half way finish for the month of May, before we noticed it we will be welcoming another month. Another school year is yet to start. My nephew is officially enrolled in a private school in town. I enrolled him last Thursday; I am glad that a friend told me about the school offer for me to avail of the discount. The offer is good for 100 something students and it is a first come first serve basis. I am thankful that they haven’t met their quota yet when I inquire the cashier.

Now, that the nephew is already enrolled I need to focus on making my budget. My nephew will surely make a hole of my boyfriend’s pocket as he needs a lot of things. I do hope I can help the boyfriend in my own little ways.

Curious To Know!

The little one is growing so fast. He has questions that I feel not appropriate for his age, yet. But knowing how advance the kids are these days I just told myself that my son is just curious about many things. So whenever the little one is throwing question that is not suitable for his age, I just give him a safe answer like he should wait for the right time for it is complicated for his age to understand the answer to his question.

To be a mother is not really easy especially if you have a kid who wants to know about anything and everything

On the other hand, I slept last night having allergy and I wake up this morning having it still. I think I should follow the advice of my boyfriend to take anti-allergy so I can get rid of it as soon as I take the medicine. It is really a bummer to have allergy when you’ve a lot of things to do. Just like now, I feel like going to bed as I am still drowsy, not because I am sleepy but because of allergy effect.

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