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Keeping The Ties With College Friends

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Catching up time!

I only have few whom I can really call my friends. Friends who is with you when times get rough. One thing I miss being with my college friends is the bond we have during college days. The times wherein we agreed to stay in a friends house near the beach. Or stay in a friends house for an over night stay. Or unplanned visit to a friends house for lunch. These the few things I really missed when were still in college.

Now that some of my friends have their own families and living away from thier home and busy with thier respective job seeing each other is difficult. There are times that we will plan a get together but will end up postponing the plan for some reason.

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The only moment that we can update each other lives is when we our plan of get together is successful, or when there is fiesta, birthdays and other special occasion. Though we were not able to have a complete get together I am still happy that we still keep our ties through social media. Hopefully, one day we will be complete once again.

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In A Semi-Hiatus Mode

It’s been few days since my last blog post here and in my other blogs. You may wonder what keeping me busy for the past couple of days.

Oh well, I had a great time bonding with my high school classmate and batch mates. It’s a three days bonding moment full of fun and excitement. It’s my first time to attend an Alumni Homecoming and I will definitely join again next year. I might be posting few photos here and in my other blogs. So, watch out for it.

On the other note, I have a task assigned for this blog few days ago. But because I am having a great time I opt to take a break in the blogging world. I still need to run few offline errands so I am still in a semi-hiatus mode. I hope to share some of the happenings I’ve attended as soon as I get back to the blogging world in full force. For now, allow me to say thank you to all my visitors.

Excited For The Birthday Invite

Yesterday my cousin Aldrix handed me the birthday invitation of Frances Imee. The little is super excited and starting to count the days.

But anyway, I know that is not only the little who is excited for the event for I know the proud parents are also excited. I know how difficult it is to host a party it entails a lot of effort to have a successful party. Just imagine writing the first birthday invitations and distribute is to the invited guest, I know the preparation can be a daunting task but at the end of the day you will just smile from ear to ear because of happiness.

Idle Blogger

Argh! Where did the weekend go? I have been idle over the weekend I tried to finish the online tasks assigned to me but I could not write a good review. I always end up pressing the delete key after writing one or two sentence. Feel sorry for the 4 tasks that were removed in my dashboard last night because I failed to submit the draft review. Yay, I hope I will have them again in my dashboard.

On the lighter note, I got a message from Iris yesterday. She let me know that we will meet up in the mall today along with our other friend Brenda and Teresa. Yay, am so excited, I really miss those time where I can bond with my friends. Oh well, I still have to ask permission to my boyfriend but I know he will allow me to go.

Watch Eclipse

I watched the third part of the twilight saga with my friend a week ago. I know this post is kind of late but I still post it anyway.

I and my friend were lucky because we don’t need to fall in line to buy the ticket. My friend bought the ticket earlier so there were only few customers on the queue. I almost gasp when I saw Jacob top naked, I wonder what he has been doing to have that perfect body. As for Bella and Edward, I always feel ecstatic when they are together. I don’t know, maybe because I find them cute and awesome.

I can’t wait to watch the next part of the saga.

Friends Meet Up

I am going to meet my college friends later today, were not complete but it always nice when we have time to update our self. We do keep in touch through sms but yours truly is a lazy text-er so I don’t always reply their sms.

Anyway, we agreed to watch horror movie this time and hopefully the weather will be good to us. It’s a gloomy Wednesday in my place and I blame it to another typhoon coming. Argh.. I pity to those who always hit by typhoons, I pray that this typhoon would spare my country and move to another direction.

Back to my friends, I do miss our bonding moment when were still in college. We always have drinking season every time we finish taking our exams. Our group is also the favorite group of the SAO group, I remember when we were packing pack lunches for the students. The concern of our teachers and office employee, the bonding time with our janitress (who passed away few years ago). The visit to our friend who live near the beach.

Time really flies and how I wish one day we could bond together and reminisce the past. opps.. i am getting nostalgic in here..

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