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No Birthday Celebration!

Almost a week ago, I turned a year older. No celebration or fancy food that was serve on the table. We just had our normal meal on my special day.

Well, few week before my birthday I actually planned having a small celebration with my family and friends. But before my birthday comes I need to bring my father to the doctor. I am pretty sure, you guys know that visiting a doctor can be expensive. After I brought my father for check up it was my turn to visit my doctor. It was unplanned. I just feel the pain in my chest while watching TV and on the following day I visited my doctor. I undergo ECG, Blood examination and throid. Thanks God, all is well except for having high uric acid. I am given prescription to lower the uric acid, hopefully it will get back to normal. My doctor also advice me to watch out my food intake medyo mataas sa normal ang cholesterol level ko which is not surprising kasi I love to eat chicken skin. Well, pati seguro yung uric acid kasi favorite gulay ko ay yung mataas sa uric acid. Haist! I will surely miss buying vegetables I like.

So now you know where did the money go for my birthday celebration.

Of course I wont forget thanking the Lord Jesus.

Thanks Dear God

God is really good. Since yesterday my son J is started to walk properly, not perfect though but he not needs any assistance anymore. It’s been three weeks when he got injured because of typhoon Yolanda. I thought it will take him sometimes before he can walk in his own as the wound he got is big. But I was wrong as my brave little boy is doing a great. His recovery is really fast. I always look forward each morning to see the development.

Truly, if you believe in the Man above everything is possible. I may encounter the horrible experience when the storm surge cause by typhoon Yolanda hit our place that took the life of my older brother and his family. The storm surge also took the life of three more of my relatives and few are still missing as of this typing. I know, in my heart that in time we will forget the horrible experience but not our loved ones. They will always in our thoughts and heart.

Wake Up With Allergy

For more than a month I haven’t been visited by my constant visitor, the allergy. But few three days in a row I have been entertaining a visitor named allergy. Today, I wake up too early, I am in fact very sleepy but I could not go back to sleep as I am sneezing and blowing my nose. I know I should not blow my nose but I could not help it. I don’t think I will get rid of this allergy soon as I smell something from the neighborhood. Someone just burned some plastic and it is making my allergy worst.

By the way, it’s a Friday the 13th, take an extra care in everything you do and wherever you go..

Of Ashtma And Being a Mother

Few days ago, I had an allergy. I know that I will have an asthma attack as the allergy stayed for two days. And, I was right.

‘Twas Monday around two in the morning when I woke up as I could not breathe well. I have noticed the asthma symptoms before I dose off to bed so I took my medication after I ate my dinner. But the medicine didn’t work as I had bad attack. Good thing my cousin owns a nebulizer machine as his son also asthmatic. So I feel better after I inhaled the medicine from the nebulizer machine.

I thought I was fine but I was wrong as I had another attack before I arrive home. Yesterday was the first day of the little mister and my nephew. Because the nephew is new in the school I give in to his request and the little mister also wants me to be with him. So although I am not really on my best of health I need to give in to their request.

Sometimes you have to be a supermom in the eyes of your child/ren more so if you are a single mom. If there is no one to do things for me I shall do it myself. I know mommies out there will agree.

On Cigar Info

We all know the harmful effect of cigarette to our body yet there are lots of people who seemed not to care about it. Sadly my older and young brothers are one of them. Even the increased of price didn’t stop them from smoking, they just minimize the number of stick they finish each day.

Talking about cigarettes, are you searching on the net where to find cigars info? If you do, you can stop your search now as I came across a website that is not only selling cigars but also give information about the cigar you’re buying. Like for example, the rating of the cigar you are buying. Surely, you want to know if the cigar you used is popular or not.

Curious To Know!

The little one is growing so fast. He has questions that I feel not appropriate for his age, yet. But knowing how advance the kids are these days I just told myself that my son is just curious about many things. So whenever the little one is throwing question that is not suitable for his age, I just give him a safe answer like he should wait for the right time for it is complicated for his age to understand the answer to his question.

To be a mother is not really easy especially if you have a kid who wants to know about anything and everything

On the other hand, I slept last night having allergy and I wake up this morning having it still. I think I should follow the advice of my boyfriend to take anti-allergy so I can get rid of it as soon as I take the medicine. It is really a bummer to have allergy when you’ve a lot of things to do. Just like now, I feel like going to bed as I am still drowsy, not because I am sleepy but because of allergy effect.

Smoking As Stress Reliever

I have a friend in college who smoke. What I like with this friend is she never convince me to try smoking when she had a chance to sway me to try smoking when I am staying in her boarding house during my vacant time. Smoking seemed to help her relax as she finished few stick while we were on her boarding house. We were supposed to watch a movie that day but because I devastated for some reason we end up crying and drinking.

I wonder if my friend ever tried smoking partagas cigars for she like the cigarette that she got from her cousin who comes from the United States. Well, it does not matter anymore as this friend of mine was able to stop smoking.

He Is Getting Better

It is exactly nine days since the little one had his circumcision. The wound is not completely healed yet but he started running around today. In deed I was right when I decided to have him circumcise right after the holy week as he still have longer time to enjoy his summer vacation. Soon I will be picking up my nephew, as I and the boyfriend decided to enroll him in town. The little one is excited to the idea.

Talking about the nephew, I only hope that he learned his lesson and would give importance to his studies. His studies were badly affected after he was influence by his newly found friends in school. He grow up with me, he is like a son to me. Although it was hard on my part to let him stay with his mom, my younger sister I have to be practical as I know it is only his mom who can control and discipline him as he seems not listening to my advises.

I Need A Break

It’s Holy Tuesday yet I am working hard to finish everything that want to finish today. Aside from undone tasks in my all-time favorite paying site I have a lot of catching up to do in Helping Hand group in facebook as I failed to comments the participants last Sunday. I shall finish commenting today so I can join today’s comment exchange.

In as much as I want to take a break I can’t afford to do it at this moment but I hope I can soon. I need to time to rest and relax for the sake of my health. I have been stressed and dealing some personal issues for the past couple of days and its giving me sleepless nights. I am not fan of visiting m doctor so I shall do something to avoid stress and don’t let it rule over me.

Helmet: A Must When Driving A Motorcycle

Most of us know why helmet is a must to wear when driving a motorcycle. For those who seem to neglect their responsibility when driving a motorcycle then I will you must be reminded that helmet is for your own safety. I have seen a lot of who are wearing a substandard helmet just for the sake of having helmet.

Good thing there is a new law about wearing the prescribed helmet in the city. But I guess it’s not implemented yet because I still see some standard helmet being used. If in any case you’re searching for a good quality of helmet then I urge you to check out schuberth helmet. It is made of good quality. With this type of helmet you will be sure that you’re not neglecting your safety.

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