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Hello December!!

Goodbye November! See you after 12 months.

Its the first day of December. Are guys ready for the most wonferful time of the year? As for me, I started decorating two weeks ago. In fact, I redo our Christmas tree few days ago. I am not really happy on the first design so I re-decorate our Christnas tree. Gladly I did because it more good to look at compared to the old one.

the center piece
I also tried to make a center piece. I got the idea on the center pieces I saw in the mall. Its not perfect but my cousin thought I bought it is the mall so I guess its not as bad as I thought. 😀

Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

It’s less than two months before the wonderful time of the year. I am certain that most of you are already excited for the holiday season just like me. As we all know, holiday season is always associated with gifts and shopping. As for me, I am more on shopping. I love shopping for my nieces and nephews. I feel good whenever I ask them what they wish for the holiday season without them knowing that they will get what they want on Christmas Day.
Talking about holiday season, as early as of now my son told us (me and the boyfriend) what he wants for Christmas. I am not actually surprised when he told us that he wants a tablet this time. He has been asking me to buy him a tablet for few months already. Oh well, I am certain that most of the children these days are wishing for a gadget for Christmas.

Shopping good quality products with discount is what parent’s like me would usually go during holiday season or even normal days. If you’re in a lookout on where to shop or perhaps gift ideas for this holiday season you can visit Tesco Direct. As of this typing they are holding a mega sale for kids. You still have a chance to grab this opportunity as the sale will be ending real soon.

I have browse the site and I found something that grasp my attention and I am confident that whoever get to receive the chic and attractive VTech InnoTab 3 Purple will smile from ear to ear, just like me if ever I get something like this as a gift this coming Christmas.

Holiday Hangover

I am finally done commenting all the participants in last week comment exchange. As of now, I am submitting two of my blogs. I admit the comment exchange really help a lot in improving the blog traffic of my two blogs. Currently, the host is allowing two blogs per blogger.

One thing I noticed while blog hopping is some of the blogs are freeze for a week or so. Does it mean the owners of those blogs are still in a holiday vacation or they are simply having the holiday hangover, just like me? Whatever their reason is I am quite sure they will surely have hard time getting back on normal routine just like me. I really had problem getting back to my thing online after the holiday but I good thing I am going back on track little by little. One good proof is that I manage to finish commenting all the participants in CE last week.

Happy New Year

So how your New Year Celebration go? As for me, we celebrate it in a simple way. I was lazy to get up but my Mom was so persistent to wake me up because of some beliefs.

Few hours after New Year, I’d like to great you all a Happy and Prosperous 2013. For we have our bad experience in the past year. It’s high time we leave all our problems and worries behind and welcome the New Year with bigger hope and smile.

Anyway, I don’t have anything much to say in here. I just don’t want to let this day pass without greeting you all a Happy New Year…

Growing Family

My younger sister gives birth to a healthy baby boy six days ago. My boyfriend is right, my family is growing. I and my boyfriend were talking about my growing family few hours ago. If I have one thing to be concern of, it’s my boyfriend’s pocket. He usually asks me what I want for my nephews and nieces as Christmas present. Being a practical mom I always opt for clothing.

Last Christmas shopping for my four nephews and three nieces not to mention the little one was an overwhelming task. This year, one baby boy and a baby girl were added in the family. Imagine how hard it will be to shop for ten kids and how much my boyfriend would spend for each one of them. Yay. I don’t want to think about it.

But anyway, to avoid the hassle as early as now, I am starting to look around and I could not help myself from browsing baby boy take me home outfit for my newly born nephew. Oh well, I still have few months to go to finalize my list. I just hope I can find something that is okay to our budget.

A Notebook For This Christmas

Grrrr.. It’s so annoying; my desktop is acting up again. I’ve so many pending tasks that need to be done as I’ve been off from the blogging world for the past few days. If money is not an issue I will surely buy a Sony VAIO notebook as a Christmas present for myself. Well, Christmas is just around the corner and I will be ecstatic if someone would give me a notebook as Christmas present.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Season Greetings

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas myspace comments

Party time

MySpace Comments

I will be off to attend our Christmas Party, it’s a beach party. Thanks the sun is finally up. Hopefully it will until this afternoon So ciao for now. Happy Monday to all..


The Christmas Party that I and my college friends planned were moved to next Saturday. We decided to have a beach party but since it’s been raining for few days we opt to move the party. It was move to next Saturday, hopefully the weather is okay that time.

On Monday i am to attend to x-mas party but opt to attend the party with the Barangay official’s which is held at the beach too.

I escape my daily walking for few days now because I am attending the nine morning mass. I plan to continue it after Christmas and i notice that i am starting to gain some weight again. hay… it’s too hard to resist the foods especially that its holiday season. I will be pigging out for 2 weeks.

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