Hello October

I know I am too late to welcome the month of October. Well, this is my first blog post for this month so I opted to use “Hello October” for my post title. It is not catchy but I cannot think of a good title once again :-D.

Anyway, how is your month? As for me, month of October is a busy for me. I am a full time mom so everytime my son’s need me I make it a point to be on his side. Just like this month, they will their schook founding anniversary and scouting month celebration. This time, the school planned a different celebration for the foundation day. The parents will take part during the celebration. So I am uber busy practicing for our presentation. A bit tiring but we are enjoying.

Random September

Just don’t mind my post title. I cannot think of something catchy eh. Anyway, month of September will bid good goodbye in less than 10 hours and month of October will start. Time flies really fast.

How did the month of September go at your end?

September is so far a good month for me in terms of blogging. I am not talking to earning though, I am referring to my blogs because I am getting rid of the cobwebs that has been accomulated after I have been neglecting my blogs for a longest time. Hopefully I can get back my mojo in blogging that I lost long time ago.

While I am doing good in updating my blog I and my boyfriend have been arguing (fighting) over few things lately. Its like a roller coaster ride for both of us. I am hoping that we can overcome the problems we are going through just like the old time.

What Is Wrong?

I do not know if it is only me who cannot see my last publish post dated September 15, 2015. Everytime I tried to open the front page of this blog the recent post I can see is my post prior to my latest blog post. I don’t know what seemed to be wrong. All I can remember is that I updated wordpress before publishing the missing post. Well, it is not actually missing because the post is in my published post in the dashboard.

On the other hand, I really feel productive after updating most of my blogs. I only need to update one more blog and I will be fully productive.

Good Morning Tuesday

Apoligize for my post title guys, I could not think of an appropriate title for my post since I will be talking random topics.

First, my son asked me to wake him up at around five in the morning because he need to be in school before seven o’clock. The reason, today is thier Math and Science exhibit. They will finally sharing thier fruit of labor for the past couple of days to thier fellow pupils and students coming from different schools. Although he asked me to wake him up he is already awake before five. I guess its the excitement that wake him up that early :-D. As a mother I am really proud of my little big tot as he learn being responsible at an early age. To show my support to the little big tot I will going to his school to watch him do his experiment. Each pupils in the higher grades are given different kind of expirement to show to thier visitors. Good luck kids!

On the other hand, I am on twitter once again. After playing the guessing game for like a decade because I forgot my password I finally guessed my password right yesterday. I know, I could have recover my password but the email add I used when I sign up is already inactive because I also forgot my password. I guess I had a little amnesthia after what we had experienced during super typhoon Yolanda.

Now, that I am getting back to the old me I am hoping that I will get back the mojo to blog.

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All ideas and opinion is not mine

Last Day Of Summer Vacation

It’s a Sunday and it is officially the last day of summer vacation of my little big boy because he will be attending his clases starting tomorrow. I do not feel that he is excited to meet his classmate or perhaps I just don’t notice it. We already bought his school supplies last week. I know its kinda late but I have unexpected expenses that need to prioritized. I forgot to asked if the books are already available when I enrolled him. Well, I am going to accompany the little big boy tomorrow so I will know if the books are already available.

Apart from buying his school things he also had his hair cutted while we were at the mall. So I guess he is well prepared for the first day of school.

And, by the way, the little big boy will be in fifth grade this school year.i

And Here I Am!!

I could not believe that this is mu first post for this year. All this time I thought I was able to update all my blogs but it seemed that I missed posting an update here. I really need to put more time on updating all my blogs in a regular basis. So far I am succeding on my other blog. I guess it is because I am getting assignment for that certain blog.

Anyway, a lot of things had happened in the last few months and hopefully I will have the time to share some stories in any of my blogs. I am thinking of sharing some photos in the next coming days so watch for it my fellow bloggers.


I am indeed disappointed of my missing withdrawal in a writing hub I joined few months ago. I did not encounter any problem with my previous withdrawal as they arrived on my paypal account on time. But after the relaunch of the website a lot of membera have been complaining about the missing withdrawals and slow earning. I am not active on writing in this site but I still have almost 200 dollars pending earning. I could only hope I will have it on my paypal account the soonest possible time.

Anyway, its seemed that I lost the blogging mojo I had before. It is pretty obvious because I seldom update all my blogs. I am only motivated to blog when I have link assignment to do. Hopefully, I will be more active in the coming year.

Checking In

How is your weekend so far? As for me, its still a busy weekend. I am juggling between doing my laundry and working in an another writing hub. Pay to blog is getting slower so I have to look for another means to earn online. If you guys could give me some work to do I will certainly appreciate it.

I actually don’t have much to say in here. I just feel updating this blog and hopefully my other blog as well. I really miss visiting other blogs but as of this moment I am only using my mobile phone to work on my thing online. I really hope that I an buy new laptop real soon. I am still saving for it. I guess it will take me a month or two to save the amount I need.

Starting All Over Again

My town is one of the badly affected typhoon Haiyan made landfall in our Province. Thousands of lives were lost, a lot of families become homeless and business owners lost thier business.

I know few business owner that own catering services. Until now, they haven’t started thier business. It is really surprising specially because they have to start from nothing. But I am sure they will go back to business in due time. If this happen I might ask one of thier employee to visit premiertablelinens.com. No doubt they will get something interesting from this online store.

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